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one of local culture in my country  is having eat and drink in places called “Angkringan” i shot  the man who was sell one of angkringan in my hometown

(sorry for my bad grammar ^ ^ )


Inspiration #2

This shot was take by Leicanutz members Surabaya, again his name is Mr. Herry, love the shot, very love the render, and good portrait for me , M9 with 24 Summilux F1.4 please enjoy, click for larger image :

My First Shot with my “M”

this photos was taken from the first time i used my M camera wee, gorgeous tone, very like My M camera, great file RAW outstanding from every Dslr can’t compare with this “M” here photos taken with M9 + my first lens 24 Elmarit F2.8 (legendary lens) at my hometown “Pekalongan” Indonesia Jawa Tengah…”click at the image to get more larger” ..