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Still life

trying composing a lens with my M9 for still life…..M9 + 90 Summicron F2 APO ASPH (BW) and second with 50 Summilux F 1.4 ASPH “click image for larger size”


Smile for Me

This is my fiancé, taken when i have a dinner in S2, Semarang…love the bokeh and her smile (click for larger photo )

Iced Tea Anyone ??

Here photo that shot when i have a dinner in S2 Semarang, yes Fian B’day, quite fun back in there, really love the dramatic tone and the quality light from candle that reflect on a glass iced tea, and hurry take it shot with my camera, please enjoy ( click for larger photo )

Hit the Orchad rd.

These photos was taken by me when i  have a vacation goes to  Singapore, in Orchad road…snap the city walk and some activities all the way on orchid road, shot it with 50 lux and 24 elmarit…please enjoy

Lovely boy

This shot was taken at botanical garden Singapore where my eyes being caught by a little cute boy, snap it with camera and very love the expression from that boy Here is the some photos that taken with my M9 + 90 summarit F2.5 + 50 Summilux F1.4, hope you enjoy and bring some inspiration from all of you

90 Sumarit F2.5

50 Summilux F1.4