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Love the only one that hygienic

One day I was walking around and got the idea to take pictures at the end of a garbage dump, there is a lot of scavengers who are working to collect garbage, rubbish moundsare very high, and I forgot to wear boots, because it’s muddy and very slippery .
When looking further into the ground, the smell is very pungent pile of garbage out ofthere. My eyes immediately went to a bunch of scavengers that are picking up trashtogether. and on his return at the outer door I met a father (scavenger) with his son was sitting there watching the activity. flashed in my mind to take their picture. My thought is  the only a clean and hygienic in that place is “love”, yes love of a father to his daughter. but although the place was smelly and dirty, at least they work and make money from his work to have a life.


Ricoh GXR Focus test

Just received my GXR+A12 M-mount kit complete with EVF and an battery DB90, so i make some test focusing with lens 35 FLE Summilux, which is the FL goes from 35 to 52.5 in GXR M-mount because the 1.5crop sensor, this is a perfect choice to have second body for your Leica M, humm here the sample images that i shot this morning (in my country) phew quiet amaze with the result 12mpx of GXR module….

-That’s all for the test this morning >.< really i recommend this great Gear Ricoh GXR for everybody who is love with leica lens, this is for second body…good enough i think..okay enjoy guys ..

NewlyWedd J&C

This is my friend wedding day, at Ritual Chapel Uluwatu Bali..here’s the snapshot please enjoy shot it with 35 Fle and Wate….

That’s all, enough for this day, hope you enjoy, some photos taken with 35 FLE and WATE ,process and cropped in photoshop. Congrats James and Christy

Empty space

really like this room, an minimalis design…doesn’t have interior just empty space…shot it with my M9 +35 lux FLE adding antique tone to add more dramatic color…( click for larger quality )