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From The Top

This photo was taken from the marina bay sands singapore,
I would like clouds andcity building singapore.
Taken using my M9 Leica camera with 24 ELMARIT lens F2.8,
but this my old file, but i want to share how beautiful is the city of singapore from above…
please enjoy more post from singapore maybe can check at my FB link  will post more later

Batik is my life

Shot this in “Batik workshop” some women did waxing process for Batik cloth shot with 24 Elmarit F2.8


Mem.Batik II

here another photo of BATIK M9 with 24 Elmarit F2.8

Hit the Orchad rd.

These photos was taken by me when i  have a vacation goes to  Singapore, in Orchad road…snap the city walk and some activities all the way on orchid road, shot it with 50 lux and 24 elmarit…please enjoy

Jeans Washing

back to my old photos shot with 24 Elmarit, after the First Photos with my M9, i continued explore my new camera that totally different from my D-slr system, this is a “Rangefinder Camera ” type.. have to getting used the re-compose system to get the focus on my camera…pretty though so i go hunting in Laundry Washing jeans place..a got some  stunning images back in there…

My First Shot with my “M”

this photos was taken from the first time i used my M camera wee, gorgeous tone, very like My M camera, great file RAW outstanding from every Dslr can’t compare with this “M” here photos taken with M9 + my first lens 24 Elmarit F2.8 (legendary lens) at my hometown “Pekalongan” Indonesia Jawa Tengah…”click at the image to get more larger” ..

Over The Bay

here some photos that taken from the top of Marina Bay, Singapore hope you will enjoy