Kubu Beach

Kubu beach locate at ayana spa & resort shot above the cliff, i’m not get a chance to go down at the beach, because the wind and almost raining


White Umbrella

shot this scene at ayana spa & resort, there is a couple walking with white umbrella, i decided to shot it, waiting the right time to capture the moment, shot it with 90 sumicron and edit the tone to get more drama, enjoy guys

Hey don’t be shy….

i saw a little girl and really want to take a shot, but she looks shy and never want to look at the camera, nah but thats okay no big problem ^ ^ this shot taken when i was go hunt with my camera and walking down around village called “Ambokembang” sounds weird eh ^ ^ but thats the village name…here the shot hope all of you enjoy this photo

My Self Portrait

shot with Nikon Dslr D3s with 35 Nano F1.4, which is taken by my big Brother


one of local culture in my country  is having eat and drink in places called “Angkringan” i shot  the man who was sell one of angkringan in my hometown

(sorry for my bad grammar ^ ^ )

Lets go to BALI…….

BALI….wow get the chance to shot beach at Ayana resort and spa in Bali, love the dynamic range, love the beach, love the smell, so enjoy guys have a safe nice trip if you interest to visiting Bali, Indonesia…^ ^ v

from this view, we can go to the BAR, whiches on of very famous Bar in BALI called “ROCK BAR” locate at Ayana Resort and Spa in Jimbaran Bali…

above is Ayana Resort & Spa Beach pool, everyone love this pool, having sunbathing, fun with friends, drinking cocktail and have a relaxing moment with wife or family..


thats all for today ^ ^ hope all of you enjoy with the view  from my photos, and have a nice trip hihihi coz this place is very gorgeous for honeymoon, or family holiday….all shot with M9 (16 Wate lens)

NewlyWedd J&C

This is my friend wedding day, at Ritual Chapel Uluwatu Bali..here’s the snapshot please enjoy shot it with 35 Fle and Wate….

That’s all, enough for this day, hope you enjoy, some photos taken with 35 FLE and WATE ,process and cropped in photoshop. Congrats James and Christy