Boy | Kite | Friends

This is a photograph which I‘m taking pictures in an area called ”wonoyoso” this time I want to explore the children on the ground who liked flying kites amid the rice fieldstogether with his friends.
I input some of my photos to an album named ”Boy | Kite | Friends” with the objectiveto tell a story about Indonesian children who like to spend time on the field for flying kites with his friends.
click the Link to get the direct link in my facebook album ”Boy | Kite | Friends” and i hope can be an inspire for all of you

when shooting photos I did not get the chance to shot kite flying above the clouds, the sky was bright at all, may be a source of inspiration for you all



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4 responses to “Boy | Kite | Friends”

  1. Daniels Diary says :

    Nice shots, but I think it’s a shame the last ones is BW because the first 3 have godt some really nice colors!

  2. xdharmax says :

    thanks Daniel for your suggest, still get some editing on this photo

  3. David Hall says :

    Beautiful series. The depth of focus in the first photo is superb.

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