a Story from Fish seller “Pindang”

the story of the fishmonger, I took a picture of a village named wonoyoso and when walking in the village I was interested in a shade house, lots of trees and the house there is a lot of smoke, such as household kitchen smoke, then I immediately get and take some pictures, and here are some pictures that hopefully can be an inspiration for all of you,taken with the camera M9; 24 Elmarit + 50 Rigid

Thats all from me today hope can be an inspiration from all of you..

6 responses to “a Story from Fish seller “Pindang””

  1. Anton Candra says :

    A fine and detail coverage of life in rural area. Great stuff pak Dharma, I did happen to draw inspiration from it.

    Keep it warm and thanks for sharing.

  2. Daniels Diary says :

    Really great job. The light in the first 4 are just beautiful. Looking forward for to your next post!

  3. xdharmax says :

    Thanks Daniel, really appreciate that you enjoy my post.. Thanks daniel…

  4. David Hall says :

    Wonderful series. Brilliant exposure and content.

  5. artbibel says :

    very good photos, i like documentary artwork! thanks for following!

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