Traditional market “Banjarsari”

Here some photos in BW, i go to traditional market in my hometown called “Pasar Banjarsari” capture some activities in there..

Thats 12 shot from hunting in traditional market..and all shot with Tri-elmar 16-18-21 F4 and 50 Summicron Rigid version…hope you can enjoy and get some inspire

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3 responses to “Traditional market “Banjarsari””

  1. Daniels Diary says :

    I would love to see more like this! Cool reportage!

  2. Anton Candra says :

    very cool blog and amazing showcase of great pictures….keep up pak Dharma, good to know there’s a wordpress-mate here 🙂

    • xdharmax says :

      Thankyu ko Anton, for playing around at my blog, please forgive bout the grammar >.< ok ? hahhaa but its very happy knows that ko anton drop to see my blog…^ ^

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