Archive | November 2011

C’mon little birdie…

continue to explore my 90 range shot, try to capture a bird, here hope can be some inspirations for all of you




Testing..Attention Please

Hey finally got first time dinner with my two friends and Their family ^ ^ so fun back in there, that was my last night at surabaya…absolutely my first priority is pick up my lens “Noctilux” oouuwww sweet . Leicanuts Grup from Surabaya also give warm welcome for me..^ ^ so here it is my first test shot with my own “50mm Noctilux F0.95”

all photos was shot with 50mm Noctilux F0.95 for test focusing, and bokeh ^ ^ v

Above The Hills

cloudy and almost rain…so i was hurry catch my M, shot the scene, trying to get the wide scene from my Tri-Elm @F4..hope you enjoy…and get some inspiration


Still life

trying composing a lens with my M9 for still life…..M9 + 90 Summicron F2 APO ASPH (BW) and second with 50 Summilux F 1.4 ASPH “click image for larger size”