Hand of Glory

This Photo will tell  a story form a Batik worker, like the pose from that man, his spirit to work describe in this photo, look at his hand….his foot, his face all shot with M9 with 90 summicron

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6 responses to “Hand of Glory”

  1. PlasticPicture says :

    Very nice shots, especially the first, well done.

  2. [Gm] says :

    What exactly that he was doing?

    • xdharmax says :

      This man works at Batik workshop, batik is a cloth/fabric arts in indonesia specially in my hometown thanks

      • [Gm] says :

        I know what Batik is (I’m also Indonesian :-D)… but I have never been to the factory, so I was wondering what he was doing.

        So, what exactly was he doing?

  3. xdharmax says :

    Wwkwkw so kamu indonesia juga hehe lets speak indo yah aku ga jago bahasa inggris nya hihi ini lagi injak2 kain batik

    • [Gm] says :

      Ooohh… lagi diinjak-injak tokh. Heheheh, gak keliatan kainnya sih. Tapi, diinjak untuk apa ya? Thanks 🙂

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