Archive | October 2011

Batik is my life

Shot this in “Batik workshop” some women did waxing process for Batik cloth shot with 24 Elmarit F2.8



Hand of Glory

This Photo will tell  a story form a Batik worker, like the pose from that man, his spirit to work describe in this photo, look at his hand….his foot, his face all shot with M9 with 90 summicron

The Golden Boot

One of the Batik worker wearing Boot and very interesting move that He did, so snap it with my camera

Mem.Batik II

here another photo of BATIK M9 with 24 Elmarit F2.8


The Potter hand i called it…check this out one of Indonesian Culture…is called BATIK, Batik in my hometown became a major income or become one of business section….so here’s shot with M9 + 90 Cron


whoa this church standing beside Kong hu cu temple….side by side, look at the dove with the dragon ..shot with M9 + 90 Summicron F@ APO ASPH ( click image for larger quality )


Here the shot, taken last night with 35 Summilux FLE, see my hometown culture…