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Hit the Orchad rd.

These photos was taken by me when i  have a vacation goes to  Singapore, in Orchad road…snap the city walk and some activities all the way on orchid road, shot it with 50 lux and 24 elmarit…please enjoy


Inspiration #1

This shot was taken from Leicanutz Member in surabaya, his name is Herry/JLS, he and other 3 members from Leicanutz decided to get street shot at Jawa Tengah, this photo was taken at the city of solo at one of wayang workshop…working with M9 with 24 summilux, my big brother herry snap the craftsmanship of wayang with perfectly side lighting from window and the result is very gorgeous, hope you like it, this is very inspirational for me, and hope for you too…(click the photo for larger quality)

Golden Field

Very like the atmosphere, here in front of rice field..moody, cozy, relaxing my mind feel the wind and breath fresh air…

The Old King Lens

Yeah thanks to my brother Nathan Santoso that lend me a while his precious Noctilux F1.0 wow very gorgeous lens, love the render…so here it is snap some photos with that Old King Lens ( Noctilux F1.0 vers. II ) and once again i love to say thankyu to my brother Nathan Santoso He is very kind and friendly ^ ^

Jeans Washing

back to my old photos shot with 24 Elmarit, after the First Photos with my M9, i continued explore my new camera that totally different from my D-slr system, this is a “Rangefinder Camera ” type.. have to getting used the re-compose system to get the focus on my camera…pretty though so i go hunting in Laundry Washing jeans place..a got some  stunning images back in there…

Going Fun at Beach

It was fun back there, when i received my new lens, WATE, and my heart easily think shot the beach and capture wet  rocks and sea…so here it is….

High and Above

This photos taken from one of great building in Singapore, one from marina bay and the other i don’t know exactly